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迦南--是聖經中 耶和華神拯救以色列民出埃及所要他們去的地方,那是應許之地,土地肥沃豐滿、物產富饒,預表神的國度。迦南美食--成立於1988年台灣台北,自1998年來到美國洛杉磯,始終堅持高優質、高衛生、高服務的經營理念,提供健康美味的佳餚予華人及各族裔的朋友,近20年來,一步一腳印......迦南的認真已深植在南加華人與本地朋友的心中。



Cerritos/Artesia店:11610 South St, Artesia, CA 90701  電話:(562) 402-0046

West Covina店:2668 E Garvey Ave S, West Covina, CA 91791 電話:(626) 332-7771

El Monte中央廚房:4355 Rowland Ave, El Monte CA91731 電話:6268612528

Canaan in the biblical is Lord God save Israel out of Egypt to where they go, that is the promised land,fertile land rich, rich, is the kingdom of God. Canaan was founded in 1988 in Taiwan Taipei delicacy --since 1998, came to the United States of Losangeles, always adhere to high quality, high health, highservice business the concept of health, provide delicious food to Chinese of all ethnic groups andfriends, nearly 20 years, step by step... Seriously... Canaan was planted in southern Chinese and localfriends of the heart.

Canaan banquet catering, customization, one to one service, by professional banquet planners as youcarefully planned.

Exclusive of your party, from each link, process, layout, menu design, cuisine beauty points, canimprove the planning.

Has hosted hundreds of banquet, wedding, birthday, opening, election party, church and schoolcommunity.

Companies, group meals, every order regardless of the size of "best, consistent from beginning to end."