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  • Small Mooncake Gift Box
  • 芋泥蛋黃酥3顆
  • 棗泥蛋黃酥3顆
  • 冷藏保存
  • 月餅在郵寄至全美過程中外觀會有一定的損傷,請知曉!





Friendly reminder,

Canaan Mooncakes are all handmade unlike those sold in the markets and shops. Moon cakes found in supermarkets can cross oceans before being sold to us and will still have another year of shelf life. On the other hand, here at Canaan we do not add any preservatives, all ingredients used are completely natural, therefore, shelf lives of our moon cakes are much shorter than others. 

With the weather being warmer in these recent days, we suggest our customers to not keep these moon cakes in room temperature for more than 3 days and it is highly recommended to keep them refrigerated. Shelf life in refrigerators is 7 days, and 30 days in freezers (under normal operations, our moon cakes are packed within 1 day of shipment).

Best way to enjoy our moon cakes after removing from either your refrigerators or freezers is to first defrost and heat up with your ovens. They will come out as if they were fresh out of our ovens.



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