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  • Pan Fry Chives Pork Pie(Raw)
  • 6pcs
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1. 平底鍋加熱后再倒油,油要稍多一些
2. 餡餅無需解凍,油熱了放入鍋中,以中小火慢煎,待有稍硬一些便可翻面,煎餡餅要勤翻
3. 煎至2面都成金黃即可起鍋,用紙巾輕壓在韭菜盒上吸去多餘的油
Serving Suggestions:
1. Heat a pan, then pour some oil in it
2. No need to defrost the chives pocket, flip often on the heated pan with small to medium fire
3. Pan fry both sides until golden color. Use paper towel to absorb excess oil.

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