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Canaan Cooked Taiwan Sausage

遵古法絕無摻粉、無防腐劑,使用無菌烘烤的先進設備,使香腸熟透再包裝. 比一般市售生香腸更衛生安全. 讓全家大小吃得更安心、吃得更美味!
1. 將香腸取出并放入微波爐加熱解凍2分鐘左右
2. 鍋中放入少量油,整根或切片放入鍋中,小火慢煎。
3. 直到表面焦黃
4. 取出即可享用。
US Manufactored, USDA certified. 
MADE of 100% PURE pork, Soused with Taiwanese Kaoliang Wine.  
Followed the traditional technique, NEVER mingled with flour. 
NO PRESERVATIVES. Using germ-free advanced equipment, packaging after the sausage is fully cooked. Our product is even healthier and safer than RAW sausage in the market. Enjoy our finely made fully cooked Taiwanese sausage !
Cooking Recommendations:
1. Take out the sausage and unfreeze it using microwave for about 2 mins
2. Pour little amount of oil into the pan. Put either whole or sliced sausage into the pan. Set on low flame, slowly cook. 
3. Cooked until the surface is yellowish brown.
4. Enjoy!
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Authentic Taiwan style sausage Ingredients: pork, pork fat, sugar, grain alcohol, salt, monosodium glutamate, spices, sodium nitrite, FD&C red NO. 40. Weight: 12oz +/- 5% Made in California USDA inspected and passed The product is freshly prepared, packaged, and frozen

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